Panchkarma vs Dashkarma

Experts are Needed. Experts are NOT needed.
Basti ( Enema) and Vaman (Vomitting) are not liked by Kings and royal family members as they are cumbersome procedures. Basti and Virechan are NOT done.Simple Herbs performs this action.
Hardly any method where only toxins are removed from blood, pores are opened, removal of dead cell from body. Toxins are removed from all over the body with Body Friendly techniques
Nasya was very cumbersome. Repair and Rejuvenation of ENT system was missing. ENT Repair and Rejuvenation by user friendly means with help of herbs.
Acupuncture is missing Natural Acupuncture is practiced with herbs
Mud bath is missing Mud bath mixed with herbs Rejuvenates entire skin.
Hydrotherpy is missing Hydrotherapy is important for removing Stress and Toxins as it removes bile pigments.
Naval setting is missing hence balancing of Vata/ Pitta/ Kapha is not perfectly brought under control, digestive system never bought under control.-- Mother of all diseases. Naval ( Dharan) setting is done which will control Vata/Pitta/Kapha which corrects the digestive system .
Time consuming and taxing Time saving. Enjoying and relaxing
Eye cure and rejuvenation is missing Eye cure and rejuvenation is done with Himalayan herbs
Stress removing was not as quick, good, and effective as in Dashkarma Treatement. Approx 10 times better and unmatchable results are observed after first treatment .
Positive Aura was never developed Positive Aura develops after the first treatment
The spiritual heights ( Concentration) is not gained through Panchkarma. Concentration and confidence is gained after first treatment
Anti-Ageing process is not activated properly through Panckarma . Anti Ageing process is activated
Hawan was missing. Special Hawan samagri suitable for particular disease was not used. Hawans are performed as per requirement or using the Herbs for particular disease.