Dashkarma Step / Dashkarma Treatement Effects

Step 1: Colon(Stomach Wash)

Many seasonal herbs were used once in each season to wash the stomach, so that problem of acidity, gas, diarrhea, constipation, bitter burps, plus toxin and undigested pulps stuck around our intestines could be removed. Once our stomach is healthy and fit, we will be fit. To overcome the problems of different herbs and non availability of many of them in India and abroad forced our researchers to come out with a capsule called “Lexokan” we have to take this lexokan with an intake of 5-6 glass of warm water, and within 3-4 hrs the stomach would be free from above.

Step 2: ENT Rejuvenation

Air, nose, throat are a very important parts of our body, they should be detoxified and rejuvenated. For nose, a special herbal drop was developed along with herbal tea to keep our throat and stomach in good shape. This tea itself is rejuvenating but also helpful in preventing cancer and heart attack also. Small cough & cold is also taken care. The special herbal drop called “Nasyakan” along with “Netrokan eye drop” (2 drops each) has to be dropped in our ears for 5 consecutive days. After 10 - 20 days, lot of debris will come out from or ear, once this system is performed, bad habits of snoring will come down heavily frequent cough n cold will be reduced.

ENT Rejuvenation
Step 3: Nasya with medicine

Mentioned above as in point no 2

Step 4: Nasya with powder

Many might have seen their elders taking nasvaar. At Kangra herb, we have developed a special nasvaar which we inhale through nostrils; the combination of Himalayan herbs will immediately take care of bad cough stuck around our brain. Helps in Migraine, headache & also reduces snoring.

Step 5: Eye cleaning with K/M

Few rare herbs in Himalaya, with healthy potency is enough, which can single handedly, take care of more than 64 eye related diseases. Most powerful herb is directly available for application from November to February as this herb is available free in this season only.

Step 6: Eye cleaning with fresh herb K/T/M

Because herb mentioned above was available from September to February; we were forced to have another set of herbs for the remaining season, no eye problems. Better vision better personality.

Eye cleaning with fresh herb K/T/M
Step 7: Eye cleaning medicine

To overcome this problem of the availability of fresh seasonal herbs across the country and world, and difficult to teach how to use these herbs in sensitive parts like eyes, A very safe product “Netrokan eye drop” was developed for common persons use.

Step 8: Herbal tea special & 9. Herbal halwa

The biggest problem in today’s world is presence of heavy metals like Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, Chromium, etc which have been found increasing day by day. It has contaminated to only drinking water but, large part of our irrigation water is also contaminated very heavily. Due to this, many reports from different parts of the country are coming that diseases like cancer, skin psoriasis, liver & kidney failure are on tremendous rise and has gripped the entire area not only in the cities but, also in villages, water of holy rivers like Ganga, Jamna is not found fit for bathing even. FORGET it that any government will be able to reduce this water pollution in next 5 decades. These toxins are damaging our body and our immune system through vegetables, fruits, water and air. But without these vegetables, water, food we cannot survive. It is contaminated now but we are compelled to take it. The only way to survive and remain healthy we have to puke out these toxins from our body. SPL HERBAL TEA & HERBAL HALWA is made from rare Himalayan herbs. For 5 days if we take this halwa and tea in the supervision of kangra herbs experts. These toxins would be erased from our blood. Since the intake of polluted air water vegetable fruits milk in continuous, we have to get ourselves & our family detoxified every 6 months at least otherwise, diseases like cancer would be standing right next to you like a shadow.

Step 9: Navel setting

Some say it nabhi, some say it as dharan, some say it solar reflexes. Modern science says it is “Nothing”. But those who have gone through charak sahita and Ramayana, “the powerful, very educated gyata of 10 maha vidya. “Raavana” had made his navel (nabhi) so strong that even nuclear weapons fired by lord Rama failed to kill Raavana. Then bhivishan told Rama to destroy his nabhi (amrit kund). This amrit kund is present in everybody, healthy nabhi, healthy amrit kund. Kangra herb maintains your nabhi and educates you to keep you in good shape.

Navel setting
Step 10: Calm muscles massage

Everybody is talking about toxins in air water and food, they say they are harmful. What harm have they caused apart from disturbing our naval and digestive system? Veins and nervous system moving through our calf muscles are retaining these toxins. The human body system in present day is not able to throw these toxins automatically out of their body. “Kangra herb” has acquired the expertly to rejuvenate this system through “Dashkarma” and few rare herbs found in Himalayan region, even though who feel they are fit, are suffering from this ailment which is leading to high rise of diabetic patients, heart patients, Ortho patients, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson patients etc.

Calm muscles massage
Step 11: Herbal bath

O yes, many of you might have visited 1 or 2 old forts of various kingdoms and the guide use to tell “Yaha Raja or Rani naahaate the”. Few TV serials picks and even in films you might have seen rani surrounded by many other females, taking bath in a small pond, symbolically few petals of aromatic flowers were shown in the water. Among the Arabian/Muslim kingdoms, they use to have Hamaam bath and aedeses like Hamaam main sab nunge, but still famous. What was this hmaam bath? Extracts and volatile components (aroma) of more than 21 herbs was used in it and surprisingly 16 of those herbs were from Himalayan region. Result: Detoxification and de-germination of each part of the body , stress free and heavy sweating was done through this method since Raja’s and there queens, siblings were hardly doing any hard work. Diseases like insomnia, Ortho, Cancer, BP, depression, impotency are more prominent among those who are not doing anything for sweating through games, walk or hard physical labor. Herbal bath is the best way to overcome this problem.

Step 12: Herbal mud therapy

Even great Mahatma Gandhi made a mistake, he only promoted mudand many more in the world are doing so. They were not aware that around 11 to 16 herbs were mixed in that herb, these herbs were responsible for rejuvenating our skin, opening pores, installing anti ageing system in our bodies and good nursing of skin related diseases like skin psoriasis, black spots, dull skin etc. Kangra herb has done it.

Herbal mud therapy
Step 13: Herbal acupuncture

O yes again you have heard of Chinese acupuncture with the help of needles by the help of so called experts. For your knowledge, China with the help of bodhbikshuz has stolen Indian knowledge from Bodgaya and Nananda University and then in china, they duplicated and twisted ancient Ayurveda system to their suitability. In India or old Hindustan, acupuncture was performed with the herbs in Himalayan states especially Himachal Pradesh Kangra valley. Not able to find these herbs in china, they invaded Tibet and again failed to have these herbs in their kitty. To overcome this deficiency, they developed needle based acupuncture. We at Kangra herb are proud to rediscover these herbs for the purpose of acupuncture which is very beneficial to all of us in almost, all of the deadly diseases like Cancer, muscular dystrophy, savior Ortho problem, paralysis, snake bite etc.

Herbal mud therapy
Step 14: Herbal back massage

Very few people these days do yoga or exercise to keep their back strong, sitting jobs has also given rise to back problems like L4 L5, slip disc, back pains, stiffness. With the help of specially made oils and expert techniques, in few days we can overcome these problems without operations and hanging belts. Kangra herb will take care of you.

Herbal mud therapy
Step 15: Herbal hawan

Most of the people in India perform hawans during greh prawesh, marriages or sometimes when some astrologer guides them towards maha martunje jap, santaan praapti, wining court cases and what not. Hawan vidya was meant for purification of air around you and to rejuvenate particular systems in your body and to overcome some ailments with very specific herbs through nano particles generated during hawan kria and inhaled while performing the hawna. Kangra herb has re-specified herbs as per particular rashish according to Hindu mythology and strong ancient astrology and has clubbed it with the knowledge of herb having its active ingredient helpful in fighting particular disease and reviving/ rejuvenating the other systems of the entire body from head to toe.

Herbal mud therapy
Step 16: Jangli plandu swedan

Tumourous growth, inflammation in various parts of bodies is order of the day. Everybody wants quick results, yes!!! Jungle plandu swedan can do it for you in few days.


Step 17: Herbal hydrotherapy

Ohooo!!!! What is it? Natural forceful water between 18 to 25 degree centigrade, if you stay in it under experts guidance, your liver function, heart, sugar problems, unbalancing of vata, pita, kapha will dramatically come down between half n hour to 4 hours of hydrotherapy. All 12 type of kumb snaan, maker sakraanti snaan were a small part of this herbal hydrotherapy. Today people go to so called holy rivers, dip for few minutes and step out, satisfied!! Paap dho liye.No No!! If you are performing it, do it for at least half n hour to four hours and see the results it will be amazing.

Step 18: Cervical treatment

Few vanes starting right from our first finger of our hand, elbow, and shoulder are stuck due to many reasons like no yoga, no physical exercise, too much sitting work or watching TV, this problem is on rise within few days around 1 weak, our expert team of kangra herb can rejuvenate you again. Say No to neck band, say No to operation.

Step 19: Slip disc L4 /L5 treatment

Refer point no 15.

Step 20: Herbal facial

Today’s world is very competitive and we have lesser balanced diet, plus most unpredictable weathers, as a result, glow on face, skin color, acne, spots are order of the day. In the name of herbal products, they are so many Brands available without results and ultimately clients feel cheated. At kangra herbs, we pluck the herbs with their botanical name in front of our clients, apply it then & there for 20 – 30 minutes, the result itself speaks like glow on face, soften skin, fairer skin in just one application.

Step 21: Herbal face pack

As mentioned in point 21 a set of herbs is selected and converted into paste and applied for 20-30 minutes and miraculous results are achieved.

Step 22: Special face pack

Few more rare useful herbs are mixed in a special combination, 1 or 2 sittings can give bride & groom a rare effect on their skin.

Step 23: Herbal head massage

A common head massage with the help of Harry hair oil to gents and Seabuckthorn Gog’s hair oil to females is becoming popular amongst everyone during their rejuvenation trip to make them stress free and gives them much healthier hair.

Step 24: Herbal hair treatment

Many people are having problems like dandruff, Hair fall, rough hair etc, on demand special herbal hair treatment is given for two hours with amazing results.