Our Facility

  • 100 OF acres land full of greenery with 700 hi- tech green houses of our own and 10000 acres of herb cultivation using organic farming through vendors.
  • Manufacturing factory having 55000 sq.ft built up area with AHU Control System and clean room panels. We are manufacturing proprietary products of Therapeutic, Cosmetics & Food totalling 64 Items at present.
  • 2 Herbal Clinics of our own at Delhi and Dharamsala, HP.
  • 3 Herbal Health Centre at present in Dharamsala Region.
  • 1 Model Herbal Wellness Centre in Dharamsala.
  • 1 Herbal Education Centre in Dharamsala.

Kangra Herb is Pioneer and committed in End to End Herbal Solution. To make that happening we have

Green House with Organic Cultivation :

Kangra Herb have 700 (each of 100 sqmt) hi- tech green houses of our own as a backup cultivation and role model for raw herb vendors. Nearly 10000 acres of herb cultivation is through vendors.

Manufacturing :

  • Herb Identification

  • Herbs are identified using the traditional "organoleptic" method (examining the shape, feeling the texture, smelling the fragrance, and tasting the material). In addition, microscopic examination is used to confirm the identity in terms of characteristic fine features of the materials.

    A Fourier Transfer Infra-Red (FTIR) spectrophotometer (left) and computer display of data (right) can help confirm the identity of herbs or herb mixtures.

  • Manufacturing

  • The manufacturing plant uses automatic, high-speed punching, coating and filling machines. All Machine Contact parts are made of SS-316-L This enables us to produce phytopharmaceuticals with uniform levels of batch-to-batch consistency. This ensures that the customer gets the same high quality product regardless of where it is purchased.

    Our Manufacturing Policy Raw materials used in the manufacturing of products are authentic, of prescribed quality and are free from contamination.

    The manufacturing process complies with SOPs as prescribed to maintain the standards.

    Adequate quality control measures are adopted. Quality control measures including IPQC are stringent.

    The manufactured products released for sale are of highest international quality and user friendly.

  1. Manufacturing Range

  2. Kangra Herb Pvt Limited is equipped with the most modern state-of-art plant to manufacture Herbal Products forms like-

    1. Tablets
    2. Capsules
    3. Eye Drop
    4. Liquids / Syrup / Drink
    5. Lehyams (semi-solid traditional preparation like Chavayanprash)
    6. Medicated Oil ,Ghee & Herbal Salt.
    7. Powders
    8. Granules
    9. Topicals-ointments,
    10. Cosmetic - creams, gels
    11. Shampoo , Liquid Soap
    12. Tooth Paste
  3. Inventory

  4. Pure herbs are cultivated by local farmers and supplied to KHPL. The inventories are carefully managed based on past usage levels; by doing so, future needs are always met without concerns and stored materials are not retained for excessive periods, maintaining a fresh supply of herbs for manufacturing.

    The containers are carefully labeled to assure quick and easy identification of contents. The purity and shelf-life of herbs is assured by cleaning them, removing pests, and storing under ideal conditions. Herb materials may be washed with plenty of clean water prior to carrying out any processing.

  5. Powdering

    A modern high speed herb grinder ( left) attains speeds up to 9,000 rpm to convert the crunched herbs into fine powder that releases all its components when ingested. The processing is very quick and avoids overheating the herb materials. Powders are then sieved in an electronic device ( right) to assure uniformity of the finished powder.

  6. Extraction

    The extract from the different herbs, like neem, ashwagandha, mulati, amla, etc. can be obtained in an extractor with the help of water or other solvents or with a combination of both. The extracted material is filtered and concentrated in a vacuum evaporator. Finally the concentrated material dried in vacuum drier to yield powder.

    Salient features of Herbal Extraction -

    • Concentration of the extract can be prepared at low temperature and short contact process.
    • Maximum recovery of the active ingredient in the extract since thermal degradation is completely avoided by the advanced process technology used in our plant.
  7. Granulation

    All the herbs in the form of extracts takes in mass mixture as per the formulation and then convert in to granules for making tablets .

    • Quality Control and Quality Assurance

      We believe in total quality management and total quality compliance. In addition to our own quality control we do validation of our own products through independent laboratory testing also.


  • Identification & authentication with regard to pharmacognostical specification
  • Nature
  • Mode of cultivation
  • Cultivation period
  • Breed
  • Appearance
  • Match with museum standards

IPQC - MicroBiology and Chemical

  • Microbial standards including pathogens are tested
  • Total Microbial Count
  • Total Fungal Count
  • Coliform Count
  • Pathogens Examination
  • Sterility Testing
  • Chemical testing like – Assay / AIA/ WE / AE / Sp Gr / Rf Values

IPQC - Formulation

  • Dissolution time
  • Disintegration time
  • Accelerated shelf-life analysis
  • MOA
  • Onset of action
  • Duration of action
  • Side effect profile
  • Drug interactions

Herbal Clinic

Kangra Herb has 2 clinics of their own. One is near Production Unit (Durgella, Dharamsala, Himachal) and the other is at Rohini, New Delhi

Kangra Herb Pvt Ltd.

V.P.O. Durgella Tehsil Shahpur, Dist Kangra HP 176217
Ph - 01892-206208

Kangra Herb Pvt Ltd.

390, Pocket C-8, Sector -8, Rohini, New Delhi -85
Ph - 011-27948956 / 57

Herbal Health Centre

Kangra Herb has 3 Herbal health centres right now. 1 is owned by Kangra Herb and the rest of 2 are through partners.

Herbal WellNess Centre

Company has development one Model at Village Durgell, Dharmsala, Distt. Kangra, Soon over 1000 such centre will opened globally.

Herbal Education Centre

Kangra Herb has 1 Herbal education facility at Durgella, Dharamsala, Himachal and the 2nd is at Gharanu where Rare Snow grown herbs are shown.