Kidney Stone

You normally have two kidneys which clean your blood, filter out water and waste products to make urine. Small, solid masses called kidney stones may form when salts or minerals, normally found in urine, become solid crystals inside the kidney. Normally, these crystals are too small to be noticed, and pass harmlessly out of your body. However, they can build up inside your kidney and form much larger stones. If a stone becomes large enough, it may begin to move out of your kidney and progress through the ureter - a tube that carries urine from the kidney to your bladder. A kidney stone can become stuck at various parts of the ureter causing pain, infection and occasionally kidney damage. Kidney stones shouldn't be confused with gallstones, which don't affect the kidneys and are caused by raised cholesterol levels.

Kangra herb’s unique product for kidney stones is “PATHRENOKAN”, it also expels the stone from Gall Bladder. Beside this, it works on Urinary tract infections and regulate renal function.