Hair Fall

Exposure to rough weather, inadequate hair care, insufficient nutrition, irregular life style, improper digestion, all add up to result in hair fall and early greying. The treatment aims at restoring the "Crowning Glory" through medicated hair oils, nutritional supplements, stress- relieving techniques which act together in strengthening the hair root and preventing the early graying specific oils are advised in case of dandruff, for regular use.

For hair fall KHPL has prepared many herbal products-“GOG’S HERBAL HAIR OIL”, “HARRY MEN’S HERBAL HAIR OIL”, “GOG’S HERBAL HAIR CLEANSER AND CONDITIONER”, “GOG,S HERBAL HAIR CLEANSER AND CONDITIONER ANTIDANDRUFF SHAMPOO”.It treats hair fall as well as improves the quality of hair.