Beauty Care

Beauty is more than skin deep according to Ayurveda. It is the most obvious external manifestation of your overall well being. It is a mirror to your physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Caring and maintaining the beauty that one is born with was one of the first body care initiatives undertaken by civilized humans. We still do. At Ayurveda Gram we help you take the initiative in this regard with traditional herbal treatments like medicated Lepam, localized Abyangam and other classical mode of beauty enhancements. Experience the time-tested procedures, which are tailored to modern day requirements, lift you to a new high.

This package covers customized procedures for hair care, skin care, etc.

KHPL has a good range of beauty products, like “NINI’S DAY CREAM”, “NINI’S NIGHT CREAM”, “NINI’S FACE PACK”, “NINI’S ALL PURPOSE CREAM”, “NINI’S BODY WASH”, “SEABUCKTHORN SKIN LOTION”, “TAB.SKINOKAN”. It not only reduces skin and face problems but also enhances complexion and act as an anti aging. In case of black spots “HAEMOKAN” tablet is added.